Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Turning the Tables Toward Fall

We don't have a formal dining space in our house. We eat in the same room off of the kitchen for every meal. But that doesn't mean that the table isn't dressed up a little more on occasion.

I  like a simple style for most meals and use a lot of white dishware for every day use. But I have been imagining a setting with these transferware dishes which have been stacked in here catching my eye for a while now.

I have pulled out a few things to herald the month of August and the end of summer. Tarnished silver seems like more of a fall thing to me. And I love monograms all year 'round. You can see the reflection of a single lit candle in the silverware on this table.

The dinner plates have a harvest scene pictured. You can also see a different wagon and barn theme on the soup bowls shown in the first photo above.

This pattern can also be found around online in blue.

I chose an old faded tablecloth by Ralph Lauren for this setting that I found some time ago at a thrift store that someone had given up just when it was reaching its pale glory.

It seems to have all the colors of August to me.

I chose a lettered napkin that often makes its appearance on our table this time of  year.

I am still wanting to keep things light despite the use of a bunch of dark silver and china as a theme. I always have pieces needing a polish within arms reach, so it is only a matter of grabbing a few things already at hand.

In place of the silver loving cups I saw on a recent magazine cover, I am using a handled creamer and sugar bowl instead. I collect the monogrammed ones, but in general silverplate creamers are easy and cheap to find. (Really cheap, actually.)

They make a nice party favor or "placecard," especially filled with something special to mark an occasion.

And of course you could always serve one of the courses from them, or have them hold a pretty napkin to dress up the table.

I often use taller or raised objects as a centerpiece on a tablescape. This one incorporates an antique ironstone cake stand.

A vintage wooden spoon and woven towel adds to the ambience.

A little silver teapot and matching china sugar bowl finishes things off.

I thought I would use some tiny old inherited souvenir spoons as a nod to summer travel. Do you have a few of these to put to use? They can be so interesting on a table.

Are you starting to think ahead a little too?

I hope you are also still enjoying the last licks of summer!


Friday, August 12, 2016

Fitting In A Few New Finds

Sometimes a stop at the thrift store yields only one or two items to make the trip worthwhile. This tatted doily is one of those things. I even like the ecru colored thread with which it is worked. Such intricate and dainty loops to the pattern!

One of my favorite teacups sets it off.

One thing leads to another when I am casting around for objects to tell a vintage story, so a few other things got a shift around in this room too. An ironstone pitcher is a great stand-in anywhere.

I wanted you to see all of the wonderful details, so a bright window ledge sets the stage.

The mantel needed a change, and I have been looking for something simple to drape across. Sometimes I need more of a basic farmhouse look rather than something delicate and lacy. The second linen piece I am showing here from my recent thrifty trip is plain but with a tatted edge too. I almost passed it up thinking it might not be special enough. But what was I thinking!? The little patch of linen tones down the dark wood.

I wanted to show the texture of these two hefty and beautiful coverlets as well. I will use them either tossed over furniture or on top of a table. 

The one on top is an antique weave that I found on my trip to the south. The newer and larger piece underneath is all cotton, and was only five dollars. It will be a workhorse piece that I need not ever be worried about.

An ironstone tureen lends its pretty lid for this vignette.

I'm still loving summer whites in the living room.

A closer look at the mantel cloth and the simple objects lined up across. . . .

So many pitcher portraits!

I like this light and viney transferware pattern to span late summer through fall.

I use a sweet little berry dish as a saucer as often as not. So pretty against the lovely handwork.

It's already autumn on the newsstands, of course, and I have to admit that my heart skipped a beat while flipping through this issue. There is a lot of white in it for fall, so right up my alley! I love all the silver loving cups on the cover too. 

This sets the stage for the last days of summer, and leaves room for the turnings of fall to be tucked in here and there.

I have so much enjoyed and appreciated the comments on my last post and other recent ones! Some of you sweet ladies have been cheer leading in the comments since I first began blogging six years ago. Bloggers are the nicest people on the planet! And I have a special thanks for Glenda who is a wonderful and enthusiastic Cabin & Cottage supporter and others of you who comment but have no return link to respond to. Thanks so much for your encouraging words!

You all add so much to the joy of my days. . . .


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

White Roses & Vintage Lace

White roses are a bit of a Cabin & Cottage signature, and it seems I haven't had some in a while. I thought I would share them with you before they get too far gone.

It's been a hectic few weeks around here trying to get in the last licks of summer. I always go into denial this time of year trying to tell myself that there are still weeks to go before I have to give up the bliss of long, light filled days, warm nights, and the pleasures of outdoor living. (I know so many of you long for fall!)

So much of this past summer went unrecorded. (Believe it or not.) I am one to give myself over to a country drive, a picnic, or a trek in the mountains with loved ones rather than try to capture each moment. Sometimes I say to myself, "You really should get a picture of this," but then the moment passes, and I wonder if it is only laziness, or the idea that there is simply no holding on to some of the most precious facets of life. 

But how nice it is to return from a short journey to the comfort of home! It is a cliche, and I have only recently just said it again here. But the music of my life is carried by the beat of the familiar and beloved things that I return to again and again. 

The same kinds of things enter and leave in a regular rotation, like seasons, around my rooms and table. I both sell and gift the linens and china that I love. I have spread out a new vintage cloth I recently came across to see it's unfurled beauty in the morning light before it may move on its way to yet another life.

This surface is too well used to leave it for much longer than a moment as it poses beside a few other friendly objects of affection as the day rolls on. I thought you might appreciate a glimpse of it too!

I am expecting a last summer visit this afternoon from a few schoolgirls on their way back to class for another year. They change so much over twelve months time. And I am waxing nostalgic again. . . . 

Here's one last vignette with a hint of fall in it to please those of you who are already glad to be moving on. A bit of natural linen with a lacy edge, and a couple of favorites, old and new, to cheer me on through the changes coming up.

Thanks so much for your visits during our off beat blogging season! I know it has been a full calendar for many of you too. But it is so nice to know that you are checking in with me now and then. 

I hope it is a great new week happening out there for you!


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